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WSLH Proficiency Testing

With WSLH Proficiency Testing, you receive reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use laboratory proficiency testing products with rapid access to results.
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WSLH PT, providing a solid foundation for clinical laboratory improvement since 1966
Approved by CMS, and accepted by CAP, COLA, & The Joint Commission

Reliable, Affordable, & Easy-To-Use Proficiency Testing Programs

  • Experience superior customer service
  • Consult with an experienced Medical Technologist throughout the entire PT process
  • Replacement samples, off-schedule samples, & evaluation samples at low cost
  • Staggered shipments ease the burden on your staff
  • 14-day average turnaround time on evaluation reports
  • Easy access to submission reports, instructions, worksheets, & more

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Important Changes to CLIA PT Requirements

Fall 2024 Clinical Lab Conferences

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PT Data Upload Feature

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