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University of Wisconsin Crest

WSLH Proficiency Testing

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene


Video Tutorial Library

Watch our videos for step-by-step guidance on sending us an online customer form, or using our laboratory data system, PT Central.
Video topics include how to:

Submitting A Customer Enrollment Form

7 minutes 35 seconds

Accessing Reports In PT Central

2 minutes 44 seconds

Reviewing Your Qualitative Evaluation Report

2 minutes 06 seconds

Making Customer Account Changes

4 minutes 37 seconds

Entering Quantitative Results

4 minutes 26 seconds

Reviewing Your Quantitative Evaluation Report

3 minutes 27 seconds

Navigating PT Central

4 minutes 37 seconds

Entering Qualitative Results

3 minutes 33 seconds

WSLH Proficiency Testing Demo Video

15 minutes 07 seconds