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Summer Destinations

The Summer Vacation, and some of our favorite locales

It’s official! Summer has arrived, and with it commences the busiest time for traveling. According to a 2022 travel survey conducted by The Vacationer, 80% of respondents said they are planning to take their vacation during the summer. Summer vacation is a time-honored tradition in the United States; one that is now over 100 years in the making. 

Historically, many affluent families in the mid-to-late 19th century would take their children out of school during the summer months to beat the heat on cooler countrysides. Many middle-class school administrators followed suite, and did the same. At the turn of the 20th century, school reformers, concerned with poorly attended (and staffed) schools and poorly ventilated schools during the warmer months, established a 3-month summer break. Taking advantage of the time families can spend the most time together, tourism industries cropped up to entertain and make the season profitable for their locales.  

Now, with most school-aged children in the United States still taking the 3-month break from school, traveling and vacation has become so synonymous with summertime, that mostly all of us can at least recall one movie, song, book, or T.V. show that features the American summer road trip, with the windows rolled-down, the radio turned up, and, perhaps, children in the back of the car famously asking “Are we there yet?” every 5-10 minutes.

In honor of the summer vacation, WSLH Proficiency Testing would like to share with you some of our most beloved destinations to visit, explore, and “get away from it all.” Pull up those socks, strap on those sandals, and apply an extra dab of sunscreen to your nose, we’re taking you on a tour of some of our staff’s favorite summer vacation spots.

Tracy and her family at Carolina Beach—their “go-to” place to be at the ocean. Photo courtesy of Tracy Servey


Favorite Summer Vacation Locale:
Carolina Beach, NC

“I really enjoy visiting Carolina Beach, for the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal history of the Cape Fear area. This area is also great because it is not as heavily populated as some coastal vacation spots.”

Tracy Servey, Technical Coordinator at WSLH Proficiency Testing

Interested in exploring Carolina Beach?
Learn more at:



Favorite Summer Vacation Locale: San Francisco, CA

“San Francisco has such a great climate. So much to do!”

Rhonda Stauske, Technical Coordinator at WSLH Proficiency Testing

Interested in exploring San Francisco? Visit their tourism site at:

Photo of a wall panel painted in the style of a postcard that reads “Greetings from San Francisco, CA” taken in “Umbrella Alley” next to Ghirardelli Square. Photo courtesy of Rhonda Stauske
Laura, her husband, and her two children enjoying the beach at Devil’s Lake State Park last summer, 2021. Photo courtesy of Laura Schreiber

Favorite Summer Vacation Locale:
Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, WI

“I love to bring my family here in the summer to camp, hike, swim, or just enjoy the scenery. My favorite is the many hiking trails. My kids love swimming at one of the beaches, which has an excellent sandy shore with nice, clear water. The nearby ice cream stand is also a hit. I have made many memories with my family at this park, and will continue to visit every summer.”

Laura Schreiber, Technical Coordinator at WSLH Proficiency Testing

Interested in exploring Devil’s Lake State Park? Learn more at:


Favorite Summer Vacation Locale:
The Mississippi River

“The history and wildlife of the Mississippi River fascinates me greatly. From the Upper Mississippi to its lower confluences, I love exploring Old Man River, the second-longest river in North America.”

-Kristine Hansbery, Director of WSLH Proficiency Testing

Interested in exploring the Upper Mississippi River? Visit some of these sites:
Villa Louis | Explore La Crosse, WI | Travel Dubuque, IA | Visit Red Wing, MN

A girl, seated in a red camping chair, proudly displays a clam from an afternoon of clam digging along the Upper Mississippi River. Photo courtesy of Kristine Hansbery
Ann, her husband, and two children visit the monument memorializing the first successful flight of an airplane, known as Kitty Hawk, during their trip to The Outer Banks in 2013. Photo courtesy of Ann Hennings


Favorite Summer Vacation Locale:
Outer Banks, NC

“My parents moved to North Carolina when I was in college, so it holds a special place in my heart. My favorite area to visit in North Carolina is the Outer Banks. The numerous lighthouses, beaches, and the Wright Brothers Museum are some of our favorites. On one trip, we had to leave Ocracoke Island earlier than expected to bypass an incoming hurricane. We managed to ride the last ferry out of the island to the mainland.”

-Ann Hennings, Technical Coordinator at WSLH Proficiency Testing

Interested in exploring the Outer Banks? Learn more at:

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